1112 Central Ave.

Our Story:

On the first day of work at Design 2 Wear neither Ron or Jessie, the future owners, had ever screened a t-shirt. They didn’t let that stop them though. They spent the next 2 years learning the processes, techniques, and industry. Ron focused his years of sales experience running the front end and Jessie used her creative drive and business degree to organize the production side. When the opportunity became available to buy the business in 2011, they jumped at the chance. They added a 2 to the end of the name and haven’t looked back.

The next two years were spent growing the business and looking for new and innovative techniques and designs to dazzle the customers. It quickly became apparent that the original space at 1350 Central was just too small for the growing business so a hunt for a new home was started. One of the biggest concerns was staying in downtown Middletown. It’s a great area and with the revitalization that was going on it would soon be the place to be. 1112 Central had everything they were looking for: a gorgeous retail space, a huge well lit work area in the back, and it was in the center of downtown. Perfect. So in 2013 Design 2 Wear 2 moved to it’s new home and has been running full force since.

Anyone who owns a small business knows it’s a labor of love. There are good days and bad, personal and sick days don’t exist, and you’ve got to be able to handle all tasks from simple maintenance to advance accounting.

So why do it?

Simple, because it’s fun to make cool looking t-shirts.